Patty and Bun, Marylebone

We traded a ridiculously early dinner at Patty & Bun to reap the reward of no queue and, good lord, a table option. The place was laid back in decor with friendly staff. Patty & Bun doesn’t have the same degree of the ‘too cool for school’ vibe that places like MEATliqour and Pitt Cue possess, which is fine by me, as the corporate outfit I am duty bound to wear sticks out to a lesser extent on the school night that we visit.

Looking at the menu it is no fuss, all burger. We opted for a full farmyard selection and got the ‘lamb shank redemption’, ‘hot chick’ and the ‘smokey robinson’. Side wise we ordered the confit BBQ chicken wings and rosemary chips. As we waited and the place began to fill up, Patty & Bun started to blast out 90’s R&B hits which was a nice throw back touch, although slightly dangerous later on in the evening when I couldn’t resist an attempted sing-a-long with Mariah Carey’s ‘Fantasy’ warble with a mouth full of burger.


The burgers, arriving wrapped on a school dinner tray, smelt amazing and all of them didn’t let down on taste. I’ll review them in crescendo style – the lamb burger with corriander, chilli, braised red cabbage and cumin aioli was tasty with a earthy cumin-y middle eastern flavour. The chicken burger with bacon, pickled onion and tarragon mayo was succulent and a close second, with its fresh herby taste from the tarragon. Prize place though was the ‘smokey robinson’ a beef patty with bacon, cheese, caramelised onion and smokey mayo which was golden and oozey with the cheesey sticky onion muddle – it did risk verging on the too oozey for me with a decidely wet bun bottom – but delicious nonetheless. The beef was everything it should be with charred meaty edges and a pink middle that, mixed with the smokey mayo, gave a husky BBQ taste. The chicken wings were great too. I normally find that the effort/payback ratio of a chicken wing is slightly off, but these wings, with a really dark and sticky BBQ casing, were melt in your mouth tender with lots of meat to eat.


For pudding, we went for the only offering of ‘choc ices’. One of us had the peanut butter – a sneaky tactic given that both I and the third burger chomper hate it. We instead opted to share the hazlenut one, hanging on the waitresses promise of it tasting ‘just like Nutella’. Sadly it didn’t but it was perfectly nice all the same. Not sure though if I’d rush back to order another, nothing against the flavour, probably more a Sensodyne issue than anything else. Sensitive nashers beware.

As we left we congratulated ourselves on beating the substantial queue that had formed outside and reflected that anything more than a 20min wait and we’d head elsewhere with a view to trying Patty & Bun another, less busy, time. That said it was undeniably great, meaty, yummy and reasonable – for the three of us it was around £40. I’d recommend a visit with a focus on ensuring a slightly off beat visiting time to get the best chance of a table.

54 James St, London W1U 1EU

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