Riding House Cafe, Fitzrovia

As a treat, we set out to Liberty’s for afternoon tea. I love to browse in Liberty, fantasising about the goods I could own when I grow up and willing the day I could comfortably justify spending £50 on a candle. For now, I’ll have to settle for the odd treat of afternoon tea there, as do most others apparently, as the Liberty café was packed. Deterred by a 30 minute wait for a scone we ventured back out into London’s streets and headed for Riding House Café.

Riding House Café is sleek and non-fussy in décor but comfortable with a slightly lived in feel. Not where we intended to go, but a nice surprise. We ordered sweet potato and chickpea cakes with halloumi and tomato jam and a cheeseburger with smoked cheddar and chips – my fellow diner’s acid test of any brassiere worth its salt. Again, not intended, but we couldn’t resist the ‘hard’ toblerone shake on the menu. Baileys, Kalua and chocolate ice cream are crammed into the milk bottle container to give a taste ironically not really akin to toblerone, but still calorifically delicious with a dangerous absence of booze flavour. The sweet potato cakes were good, a small gripe in that overall the meal was a tad salty with the halloumi on top and the jam more a tomato pasta sauce, but still decently filling. The cheeseburger had an equally solid performance with an official 7/10 rating from said burger acid tester. It all came to £40 with drinks included.

I  would happily go back to the Riding House Café. A subsequent visit would however be with a view to trying the small plates on offer; which I hawk-eyed with envy as other diners, clearly more in the menu-know, ordered. In particular the goat’s cheese, pear and honey looked dribble inducing and the pumpkin fritters with gorgonzola looked worth a try too. I suspect, however, that overloading on toblerone shakes all over again would be inevitable…

51 Great Titchfield St London, W1W 7PQ

The Riding House Cafe on Urbanspoon


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