St John’s Bakery, Bermondsey

Now you see them (to clarify – a vanilla and chocolate custard doughnut respectively).

photo (2)

Now you don’t.

photo (3)

There is, I feel, commendable effort (and a big dollop of gluttony involved) in travelling from north west to south east London on an early Saturday morning to eat warm doughnuts for breakfast. Fortunately the ones at St John’s bakery (9am – 2pm Saturdays)  just over the other side of the railway bridge’s Ropewalk Market makes the effort worthwhile. Our ‘snack for later’  whole nut brownie was equally scrumptious.

I’ve heard and read mixed things about St John’s other spots in Smithfields and Spitalfields, on which I feel tempted to investigate given their baked good success. In any case their Druid St place is a must.

72 Druid St London SE1 2DU

St. John Bakery at Maltby Street Market on Urbanspoon


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