Lisboa, Notting Hill

I popped to Notting Hill’s Golborne Road for the amazing bedknobs and broomsticks-esq street market on the bank holiday Monday. Apparently antique furniture shop owners have better things to do on a bank holiday then sell their wares as the street was deserted in every direction, aside for Lisboa Patisserie.

Lisboa is an authentic Portuguese bakery. We arrived to a cake hungry queue which made ordering a tad stressful. To be honest I felt the pressure when asking the guy behind the counter to explain the difference between a mountain of cakes that all look decidedly golden with a heavy dose of icing sugar. This pressure was only accentuated when adding 10 impatient, seemingly Portuguese, cake buyers behind you to the mix; who clearly think you’re asking for the difference between apples and pears to be explained.

Thinking about it, maybe the guy behind the counter thought the same with one cake succinctly described as ‘dry and boring’ adding ‘for old people’ for crystal clear clarity. We moved on quickly and landed on a custardy doughnut, a Portuguese rice cake and a handful of more familiar pastel de nata’s. The place itself was rammed and wasn’t particularly inviting to sit down in so we got them, and a coffee, to go for all under an impressive £5.

The doughnut and rice cake were solidly performing cakey fair but the pastel de nata’s were something else with a rich and creamy egg custard filling in its very own crisp and golden puff pastry case. Amazing in fact. Even the hotter than the sun coffee in it’s inferno exacerbating polystyrene cup was forgiven when tucking into these heavenly treats, although still not forgotten by our mutilated taste buds. When I’m next in the area these treats will be first on the list. My caffeine fix, however, will be sourced somewhere else…

57 Golborne Rd, London W10 5NR

Lisboa Patisserie on Urbanspoon


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