Ginger & White, Hampstead Heath

A yummy lunch was recently had at Ginger and White whilst out enjoying Hampstead Heath for the first time this year without having to apply swathes of layers until movement was fully restricted, and body shapes resembled that of the Michelin man. Really there was no need for lunch as a brunch was only had a mere hour or so before but the sun put me in a faux ‘I’m on holiday I can treat myself’ mood, so in we popped, tempted by the sight of mini lemon polenta cakes.

Ginger and White is small with a laid back feel, tucked down a pretty old english side street, and dominated by large wooden table where you take a pew. There were so many appealing options on the menu with the homemade baked beans with chorizo nearly making the cut. Instead I opted for goats cheese, sundried tomato and green tomato chutney on potato sourdough and my fellow diner went for the humble egg and soliders. I wouldn’t normally write lengthy prose on egg and soldiers’ but these were scoffed with such praise by my fellow diner that it seems right to do so. He knows only too well that many cafes find a boiled egg troublesome, where Ginger and White’s were cooked to perfection, arriving with little woolly hats for a cutesy ‘ahh’ effect – before their heads were duly cracked off. Engrossed in dipping his soft white bread soldiers slathered in salted butter, our conversation flowed poorly, luckily I couldn’t care less and entertained myself with the cheesy, squashed tomatoey mess, which was a delicious mix of salt and sweet. The coffee served was equally great. You can tell Ginger and White are mad about coffee with the Square Mile Roasters in East London supplying their beans.  

On the way out we commended the eggs and were promised that their bigger spot in Belsize park had a kitchen large enough to cook scrambled eggs. It was a lesson learnt to be advised that square footage dictates the scope of a cafes egg options, anyhow, this revelation means that a visit is now firmly on the to do list. Our lunch came to just shy of £20.

4a – 5a Perrins Court, London, NW3 1QS

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