E&O, Notting Hill

Notting Hill is the embodiment of a juxtaposition. It’s a place where the obscenely wealthy, loafer wearing, clientele saunter among the white lightening swigging street folk, working the classic ‘plastic bag for shoes’ look. This breadth of demography makes Notting Hill’s E&O perfect for al fresco dining and invisible curtain twitching. With its dimmed lights, dark wood and beautiful staff E&O is cool; creating a gravitational pull felt by all model-esq diners in the West London vicinity, where they go to be seen and eat little.

Luckily E&O also offers a broader menu for those of us who need sustenance beyond a thimbles serving of edamame beans. With a pan Asian menu spanning dim sum, sashimi and curry’s. All dim sum plates were served with a liberal dose of salt, although still proved to be decidedly delicious.  The ribs, smothered in a sticky black bean glaze, fell of the bone with ease. As with all good spare ribs I consume, my face was left with a suspect sticky residue, a clear indication that there was no time wasted for delicate nibbling. As always the addictive salt and chilli squid went down well but the surprise hit was the tempura mushrooms; full of earthy flavour, with a light and herby batter.

E&O duck salad

The mains continued to hit the spot with watermelon and mint acting as the perfect fresh sidekick to deliciously fatty duck and cashew salad. The curry’s served also delivered a punch with the rendang creamy and warmly spiced, and thai green curry fragrant and fresh, with the required chilli hit. To finish a jar of sticky banoffee pie was defiantly licked clean.

E&O banoffe

As I recall this trip my tummy starts to rumble with a yearning for the duck salad…a mark of a place that I will revisit many more times. Our meal came to roughly £40 a head, first-rate people watching not included.

14 Blenheim Crescent  London, Greater London W11 1NN
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